Brown Eye Girl has been my favorite clothing store for over ten years. I first learned about it when my parents visited Annapolis for the weekend. They knew it was exactly my style and I had to visit. Kathy was so nice and helpful and all the clothes matched my aesthetic. I have even driven from Baltimore to Annapolis just for their events. I follow them on social media and they have held clothes for me. Brown Eyed Girl always has what I am looking for. This is exactly what a local small town business should be.
— L.M.
It has been many years since I have shopped there but, 6 years later, I still have all of the summer clothes I bought there. The dresses never go out of fashion no matter where in the world you travel. I still get compliments on things I bought many years ago! I love this store and can’t wait until I can shop there again! Love y’all!
— Abigail
Fabulous place!!
— Wendy
LOVE this boutique! My go to place when I need a gift or a lift. Check it out!!!
— Christine
Brown Eyed Girl is the one and only place to shop for women’s clothes in Annapolis. The selection is always fresh and the items are unique and of great quality/ The staff is extremely kind and knowledgeable and it makes the experience fun and personal. It’s my absolute favorite place to shop. The owner, Kathy, is the easiest person to support as a local business owner because she gives off the best vibes that makes you want to hang out with her everyday. Abby is the best shopping buddy you could ever ask for since she knows all about every item in the place and will help you make great choices. It’s refreshing to be around such a cool and happy crew! Coming from a girl who hates to shop, I’m really glad I found Brown Eyed Girl
— Mia